Blake holds a B.F.A. with honors in Film & Television Production from the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. In the years since graduation, Blake has worked as a director, editor and producer for a range of companies including Daryl Roth Productions, Daryl Roth Theatrical Licensing, Crocodile Tears Productions, The Amoralists, The New Victory Theater and many more.

Blake’s views storytelling – in any form – as an innately human pursuit and is always honored when others trust him to help tell their story.


With an extensive background in theater, Blake understands how to work with actors and other artists. He believes the best products always come from the best collaborations and prioritizes bringing a writer or producer’s vision to life.

Most recently, Blake directed Papa’s Prince, a short film produced by Ted Sod. With song, animation and Busby Berkeley Barbies, a young girl deconstructs a popular fairy tale with unexpected results. The film features performances by Jillian Louis, Javier Muñoz and Howie Michael Smith, and premiered in June 2014 to celebrate Pride Month.


While working for The New 42nd Street, Blake produced hundreds of videos – capturing companies as diverse as The Acting Company and Soledad Barrio & Noche Flamenca, as well as interviewing artists like Julie Taymor and Basil Twist. He is committed to completing projects on time and under budget while ensuring a high quality product.

Last year, Blake produced twenty-one digital shorts for Daryl Roth Theatrical Licensing to celebrate playwright Charles Busch. Blake managed the entire process – from pre-production to post- in conjunction with Samuel French, Inc.  Click here for additional content.


Proficient in both Avid and Final Cut Pro, Blake believes that compelling stories are often shaped most in editing. His editing style ranges from tender and empathic to compact and heavy-hitting, but always in service of the material and its audience.

Blake shot and edited a series of videos to promote The Amoralists’ production of Collision by Lyle Kessler. This video was shot on a Sony HDCam and edited in in Final Cut Pro 7. To learn more about this production, click here.

pixie dust quoteDigital Strategy

Blake was an early adopter of social media (heck, he joined Facebook when it only included seven universities) and believes the digital landscape is capable of empowering stakeholders and creating change. In varying capacities he has crafted digital identity for brands, designed websites and digital portfolios and developed engaging content toward educational, promotional and commercial goals.

As Media Manager, Blake supervised the creation, editing and publishing of all content to the social platforms of The New 42nd Street. He worked closely with the Marketing and Public Relations Departments to create campaigns and develop content, and established systems for digital engagement and production across the company. Additionally, Blake was part of the team charged with developing and publishing four entirely re-imagined and redesigned websites for The New 42 and its projects. During his tenure, Blake shaped the tone and digital voice of the New Vic and effectively tripled digital engagement across platforms, including blog readership. To learn more about this exceptional company, visit


In working with non-profits, Blake knows that a compelling story is the best way to capture an organization’s mission and accomplishments. Storytelling – be it through print, social media or multimedia – allows potential donors to forge emotional connections with an organization.

Emphasizing both impact and authenticity, Blake has developed materials to elevate institutional profile and donor acquisition. Most recently, he contributed materials to The New 42nd Street Gala that raised over $880,000.


As part of larger campaigns, Blake has developed materials for The Amoralists, Daryl Roth Theatrical, New York University, and a range of artists and non-profits – often in collaboration with marketing directors or graphic designers. His commercials for The New Victory Theater were used online, on television, and even on billboards in Times Square.

With experience in both designing print materials and writing copy, Blake develops a holistic, cross-platform approach that captures the personality of a company or brand, and serves as an exciting entry point for customers.


With degrees in both education and film production, Blake is uniquely positioned to create dynamic educational materials. In 2011, Blake developed Big Top Fitness in collaboration with producer Christina Zagarino, with funding from the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media. These interstitial programs were created to encourage physical fitness and family interaction for kids ages 3-5, and featured performances by J’nelle Bobb-Semple and WT McRae.

For the New Vic, Blake wrote and directed several how-to videos, all of which exhibited remarkably high viewer engagement and retention.

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artwork by Katie Diamond & photo by Carol Andrewsk