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portraitBorn and raised in Oklahoma,  Blake chose to pursue a degree in film production because it combined the things he loved as a kid – acting, music, choreography, and visual storytelling.

College taught Blake that the only thing he loved more than storytelling was COLLABORATION – and a good story is most often the result of a good collaboration. His thesis film for New York University was developed by a team of  twenty-six collaborators (including teenage students), based on the responses of more than sixty artists to a Ginsberg poem.

Good collaboration requires personal investment, compassionate problem-solving, and instinctual IMAGINATION. After completing a Master’s degree in Educational Theatre focused on art politics and community-based performance, Blake imagined a different approach to developing theater – embedded in an environment and community, but requiring an audience’s activation. The result was Story Park. Performed in Astoria Park in partnership with the New York City Parks Department, the site-specific performance was developed for audiences to explore independently, using individual MP3 players to provide a personal soundtrack.

The result of a good collaboration and an imaginative team should always be INNOVATION. Audiences – be it students in a classroom, adults in a theater, or consumers of a product – deserve and expect innovation. In his more than five years working for The New 42nd Street, Blake developed solutions to complex communication challenges, implemented new education programs, and developed digital strategies to engage and delight.

As a filmmaker and teacher, marketing consultant and sound designer, Blake is not defined by one skill or one mode of communication but fluent in many – that is CREATIVE CAPITAL. He fundamentally believes that the arts are a source of innovation, empowerment, and community, and intrinsically values the work of disparate voices – be it female film directors, playwrights of color, or any other marginalized voice.

Currently residing in San Diego, Blake partners with collaborative, imaginative, and innovative individuals and companies for a range of services, including branding, digital strategy, video production, live events or performance, and educational programming.

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